Preparing for Life Post-High School

Monday comes the day every person waits on for 12 years, graduation.  So what about after graduation?  What happens then?  It’s something that we have to prepare for and for some it can be extremely scary.

It just so happens my graduation and future collide all in the same day.  I have college registration the morning of graduation, then I have graduation and I begin my job the morning after graduation.  My life is going to change very dramatically all within a 24 hour period.  I am quite thrilled about it though.

I still am in kind of a shock mode though coming to the conclusion that I’m really done with high school. There is no going back.  Whatever I did is done and nothing can change that.  I’m out living my life in freedom while people are still in school where I was just this week, but will never return again.

Isn’t that an odd feeling?  I think it is.

It’s amazing the feeling that you get when you become more of an adult though.  So that’s pretty good, right?

I can’t wait to see where my future takes me.

With love and nerdiness,



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