It’s Graduation Day!

The day has finally come and it’s graduation day!  

I had college registration at 9 a.m. which went alright.  (Side note: I bumped into an old friend at registration which was nice!  I’m pretty proud of myself too because normally I’m extremely shy and don’t like going to places I haven’t really been alone for the first time but I did!) I’m actually kind of excited because a lot of the classes I can take for generals are also associated with my degree I am going for.  For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m going to my community college for general ed and then transferring to the University for Dietetics.  Lots of science classes!

I’m also excited that my college just got a new wellness center and the exercise area is included in your tuition so I think Monday’s are going to be my cardio days because I have class from 8-10 a.m. and then I don’t have another class till Noon.  So that will be nice!  Plus who doesn’t like having an excuse to wear fitness clothes 😉

Now I can officially go school shopping when college season starts and know what I’m looking for!  Score! (I love school shopping).

You won’t ever know what you can achieve without taking the first step,



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