Student Loans & FAFSA – Complete Crap

I have applied and registered for classes at a community college recently.  I will be transferring to the University after completing my generals at the community college.

But, ya want to know what’s extremely stupid?

I am not eligible for using financial aid since I’m using the transfer curriculum.  

Now I’m not any financial aid whiz, nor claim to be one.  I’m sure maybe there’s some sort of valid reason for this out there but quite frankly it’s ridiculous.

Yes, community college is cheaper but still not AFFORDABLE by any means.  I’m going only part time and my cost for one semester is almost $2,000 + books costing around $300.  

I am a single mother, working a $7.25/hr job for 25Hrs or less a week (which will be less when I start school mind you).  I only just GOT this job 2 weeks ago.

Now, or mrs., how do YOU expect me to pay for my schooling when YOU won’t take any financial aid?  Student loans?  Oh I thought you’d say that.  But that means taking out about $20,000 (roughly) in loans.  

I don’t mind taking out loans if my financial aid doesn’t cover my schooling.  Not at all.  But when you’re in a sense ‘punishing’ me for not getting a degree at your school, and prohibiting me from using financial aid.  Yes, I have a problem.  Not to mention I can’t even APPLY for a student loan until I’m 18 which is just a MONTH before school starts and even less for when the tuition is DUE for god sakes.  

WHY, can I ask you, is college so DAMN EXPENSIVE?  It’s complete crap.  Complete and total crap.  I better be getting my estimated pay for my job that I’m seeking with my degree.  Otherwise I will be drowning and living at home when I’m 40.  And let’s be honest, who wants that?  No one.  I’d like to be a productive member of society Ms.United States.  I know you want me to be too.  So why are you making it so difficult for me to do that?  I REFUSE to be another teenage parent statistic never getting out of poverty.  But you Ms.United States education system are really screwing me over in that department.  

Now I really understand why other countries express how messed up our education system is.  

That’s all.  Thank you.

One irritated, about to be even more piss poor, and drowning in debt U.S. Citizen,



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