I Want More! Now!

We all want more. Bigger. Better.

More, more, more.

We want nicer vehicles, bigger houses, and better clothes.  Not because we need them but because we WANT them.

We want a beautiful engagement ring that’s really worth a million bucks.

We want that sa-weet¬†escalade just to be able to say ‘oh yeah, I got my escalade parked out front’.

We all want things just because we want them.

But do we really?

I’m not sure I’d like the feeling of walking around with an engagement ring worth a million buck-a-roos. I’d be too scared of losing it or being robbed.

I’m also not sure if I’d like driving around in an escalade. Not many people are going to care about my piece of junk car, but an escalade? Oh yeah.

So do we just want things solely for the status? I’m sure.

But why can’t we change that mindset to enjoy and appreciate the littler things?

Just a thought


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