The Struggle with Blogging is…

What kinds of problems have you faced since becoming a blogger?  What struggles have you had to deal with?  How did you deal with them?

My biggest struggle is captivating an audience.

Now maybe there’s some blogging rule out there I missed that probably says DON’T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT YOUR STRUGGLES WITH BLOGGING.  IT WILL TURN PEOPLE AWAY.  We all know how many millions of so called “rules” there are out there.

But really, I’d like to share any of my struggles therefore I can celebrate with you even more when I overcome it!

It took me some time to gain so many followers (close to 300) on Health Hub but I felt the need to close it down because I simply wasn’t delivering to my subscribers.  I decided to combine Health Hub with this blog (coming soon there will be more things on here related to Health Hub).  But it’s not as if I can just transfer my followers to this blog, it’s up to them to do that.  How great would that be though?  (Hmmm, just an idea for some WP creators).

I’m basically starting over on this blog so I have to rebuild my audience.  It sucks.  But what’s a blogger to do?  NOT GIVE UP!



2 thoughts on “The Struggle with Blogging is…

    • It was so difficult! Especially when I’d get busy with my personal life as well. I’m relieved to have everything in one spot now 🙂


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