Let’s Get Rid of That Stress!

I tend to feel stressed quite frequently (probably more than I should but I bring that upon myself).  I also know that quite a few of you out there probably feel the same way I do and are looking for a way to reduce your stress.  So you’re in the right place!  🙂

What are some ways I reduce my stress?

  1. Biking – in the summer I like to go for a good bike ride, pedaling as hard as I can to reduce my stress.  It gets my anger out and refocuses my mind.
  2. Drawing – doing this gets me to focus on something else and clears my mind.  It also calms my naturally shaky hand, especially when I’m stressed or angry and I shake a lot.
  3. Listen to music – listening to music takes me into a completely different world so I’m able to distract myself and almost disconnect in a sense.
  4. Take a nap – something about taking a nap, even if I’m not tired, calms my mind and enables me to think a lot clearer.  Although naps are few and far between these days, haha.
  5. Deep breathing – simple task, yet hard to do.  When was the last time you really took a complete deep breath in and let it completely out?  Probably a long time ago if you don’t practice deep breathing as a meditation act.  It helps relax you and carry more oxygen throughout your body which helps pretty much every part of your body function better

I know it’s a short list, and not an interesting article BUT I hope maybe you take something away from it and are able to apply it to your own life.  Maybe you even brainstormed some ideas for yourself as well while reading my examples!  🙂

Let your hair down and relax a little!



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