The Thing About Brain Injuries

is that you don’t know when it’s going to be better.  Sure they give you a time frame of when you can go back to your sport but it’s not a guarantee that you’ll be better by then.  

One moment you can feel fine and the next your head is as slow as molasses but yet on the outside you seem as sharp as a thumb tack.  

Or one moment you feel great and want to say “I think I’m better” but then it all hits you and you need to lay day.

Or you’re in bed all day and you go stir crazy from just laying there, doing nothing, in the dark, and slowly but surely you go insane.

You lose track of what you’re saying before it’s even said.

You can’t even process what you want to say.

It’s difficult to speak, and at times hurts to speak.

It’s all of these different things at once and you don’t know when it’ll be gone.  

and you can’t do anything about it except nothing.



2 thoughts on “The Thing About Brain Injuries

  1. So true! I had an accident last summer. I fell while crossing a busy street and hit my head on the curb. It took 6 weeks before I was right again. To this day I still get bouts of vertigo that I didn’t get before. I hope you’re healing up fast!! Good luck when you get back on the racetrack!


    • Oh wow! Glad you didn’t get more seriously hurt. In some ways I’m anxious to get back on the track but then again I don’t want to get hurt again.


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