Always Get a Second Opinion

Man do I just love the college mumbo jumbo that they give out.  Don’t you?

I posted previously about making college payments and how much it was going to suck.  That was before I found out that all I had to do was change my program to an AA degree in Generals.  So there’s my first lesson on getting a second opinion because now all of my college will be paid for. 

Now onto my second lesson.  Once I got all of that financial aid taken care of I went to the business office to ask how to terminate my payment plan since I’ll no longer need it and quite frankly don’t want them taking over $400 of my money every month.  To my disappointment the person I talked to said there was no way of getting out of the payment plan.  He said once my financial aid goes through that the school should contact the the people in charge of the payment plans but there was no guarantee that it’d go through before my first payment.  Thus, I’d have to pay that over $400 payment with no reimbursement.  $400 is a LOT of money to me, and probably any other college student.

But I thought I’d give it another shot and e-mail the business office asking if they had updated the payment plan or could cancel it for me.  What happened?  I’m sure you can guess it.  I got an e-mail back today saying that she (the lady I talked to this time) terminated my payment plan!  BAM!

So apparently I could terminate my payment plan and the guy I originally talked to either didn’t want to tell me that so they could yank more money out of me, or he shouldn’t be working in the business office because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.



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