So Excited – Stretch Band

I’ve been meaning to get a stretch band for my workouts for the longest time and never have out of pure laziness.

I was at Wal-Mart today with my daughter in hopes to get her a new bubble machine since my dog broke her other one.  First of all, they didn’t have any but they did have bubble guns, so that’s alright.  But the kids’ stuff is right by the outdoor and exercise equipment, so what did I do?  I checked it out of course!

I was debating if I wanted to get weights (which were rather pricey in my opinion) or just get a few small things.  Then I found one of the stretch bands!  I decided to get one because they were only a couple of dollars – cha-ching! 

Anyways, I came home and after playing with my daughter and her bubble gun and squirt guns for a while I thought I’d try out the stretch band.  

There’s so many countless things you can do with a stretch band instead of using weights and it’s the same result (at least in my opinion).  I can’t wait to start using it more!

If you’re thinking about getting a stretch band, I highly recommend it and now I know why others’ do as well.  It’s cheap and very useful 🙂


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