The BIG Day

So, I’m not sure if many of you know.  Probably not since I haven’t said anything about it – but that’s besides the point.  Tomorrow is my 18th Birthday (insert some lame girly shriek). I have to say, I’m not as excited as I thought I’d be.  I mean it’s cool and all that I’ll finally be 18 but really it’s not that thrilling like everyone else makes it seem.  It’s just yet another birthday to come and go, one of many I will have.  It doesn’t feel that “great”.  Maybe my 21st will be better – although I’m sure not much different because I don’t have the greatest interest in drinking and have no one to go out drinking with.  I mean, I can hope that a couple years down the line I’ll have more friends, but I say that every year.  And every year I make more friends but they all live too damn far away from me to do anything with them! The only plans I have for tomorrow is to do a photoshoot with a friend of mine for some birthday pictures and then some pictures for my blog.  That’s about it.  Although it’s going to be fun to be down in the cities because I like it down there every now and again 🙂  Living down there however would be a no no for me.  I’d rather be out in the middle of nowhere.



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