The Beauty of Orange Juice

I think I’ll start out by saying I used to despise orange juice. I thought it was pretty much the grossest drink on this planet, next to apple juice.

Let’s point out the obvious; I was not a juice drinker. I’m still not, except for orange juice.

So, what is so beautiful about orange juice? C’mon, it’s juice this kind of tangy, almost sour-like juice that’s orange. What’s so special about it?

  1. Vitamin C – It’s plump-full of it! It helps boost your immune system, and anyone in a cold state will tell you how important your immune system is in the winter.
  2. Beautiful Skin – Want your skin to radiate with sunshine (much like an orange!)?  Chug that orange juice on down.  It also firms up your skin, so forget those injections of harmful chemicals!
  3. Prevent Scurvy – I don’t think anyone wants to lose their teeth, get bruises more often, and bleed much more.  To prevent getting scurvy it’s suggested that an adult drinks at least one glass of orange juice a day.  (One glass a day keeps the scurvy away! – Ha, see what I did there?)
  4. Plus tons more!  There’s so many health benefits with orange juice and if you want to know more just look at my source cited at the bottom of this article.


Source: MedHealth. (n.d.). Benefits of orange juice. Retrieved from


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