Get to Poppin’ with Popcorn!

There’s no better snack to go along with a movie other than popcorn!  Which is sort of ironic since it’s a quite noisy snack and you usually want to watch a movie in the peace and quiet.

You’re probably thinking “Wait Payton, why in the world are you posting about popcorn on your HEALTHY LIVING blog?”

Give me a break!  haha.  There ARE some great health benefits to popcorn!  The right popcorn that is.

(Image found here)

Break out the whole grains and say HELLO world!

Popcorn is a great source of whole grains and fiber if you’re looking to improve and clean out your digestive system or are having some indigestion.  1oz of popcorn contains a whopping 3.6 grams of dietary fiber!  Holy buckets!  Who would pass that up?  I wouldn’t!

Who said antioxidants are for fruit alone?  Not the University of Scranton!

The University found through a study in 2012 that popcorn has a high percentage of polyphenols, much higher than most fruits in fact.  Can you believe that?   So if you’re not much of a fruit lover, and are looking to add some antioxidants to your diet, munch on popcorn!

Looking for some more protein?  No need to look further!

1oz of of popcorn, much like fiber, contains 3.1 grams of protein!  Pack on the popcorn baby!

These are just a few of many reasons to eat the awesome snack most of us love.  Although buyer be weary, microwave popcorn isn’t going to bring you these health benefits as they’re packed with additives, and other nasty things which “dilute” their nutrients.  The best way to eat popcorn is air popping or using a small touch of oil.  Also drenching it in butter, cheese, salt, etc. will only do harm.

So go out and grab some popcorn kernels and get to poppin’!

Do you like popcorn?  Leave a reply below expressing your love for this yummy snack! (or lack there of)



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