Let’s Work Out!


  1. Very light jogging for roughly 5 minutes to warm up
  2. Fast curls w/dumbbells
  3. Tricep extensions w/dumbbells
  4. 15 kind of sort of jack knives (instead of lifting your legs as well as arms, you keep your legs up in the air and just lift your arms trying to touch your toes…for people like me who our vertically challenged, you don’t need to touch your toes, just reach as far as possible.)
  5. 12 leg raises w/dumbbells [how? Lay on your back (hands under tail bone for support) put your dumbbell between your feet and then try to lift your legs with the dumbbell between your feet, you’d think it’s easy but I couldn’t do it!]
  6. One leg squats on each leg
  7. Partner squats (hold a partners forearms and both lean back and down into a squat, supporting each other and balancing together)
  8. Partner single leg squats (same as above but with one leg instead of both)
  9. One leg squat knee shift (go into a one leg squat with your knee just above your toes, then after 30s shift your weight/knee back so that you’re balancing on your heel)
  10. Cherry pickers

Try and incorporate one or more of these into your workouts this week!



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