Making Time…

for exercising seems to be my biggest challenge.  

A) I feel like I never have time

B) I feel I have no motivation

I’m trying to get everything together as school begins next week, and quite frankly I’m not good at it.  One of my classes got cancelled so now my schedule is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I’m thinking those will be my workout days but who knows. I wanted to utilize the 2 hours between classes on Monday’s to go work out but now that I have an online class I might have to cut that time out and use it for online class.  Or maybe I’ll use one our to workout and one hour for class?  All the possibilities are endless!  

That brings me to another issue.  I have a hard time thinking of workouts.  I wish there was something out there to give me a workout each day and all I have to do is follow it.  Maybe I’ll look into that.  There probably is something out there, I just haven’t found it. 

Who knows how this will go,



2 thoughts on “Making Time…

  1. As a morbidly obese man who used to say the same thing, I’ve learned you just need to get out. Start moving, and you’ll be shocked what happens! Course, a change of diet, and a year of morning walks later, I’ve dropped 110lbs. So, if you’re really struggling to find a time to work out, just wake up a half hour earlier, and go for a walk!


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