Learning – a Lifelong Thing

What have YOU learned lately?  Whether it be a new skill, life lesson, marriage tip, parenting skill, coping mechanism, etc.  Share below!

4 thoughts on “Learning – a Lifelong Thing

  1. On a very personal note, I am learning to ignore, forgive and let go….forgiving being the hardest part. I’ve figured I tend to take out frustration of people who matter, who I haven’t forgiven, on people who don’t matter and who I can ignore 😀 That, my friend is not the right approach I know….:(


    • I believe forgiving is one of the hardest things for almost any human being to learn. I struggle with it at times but over the years and ever since I had my daughter its’ become much easier. I wish you the best in continuing learning and harnessing that skill! 🙂


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