Back to the Real World – aka Being an Adult

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After a 3 day weekend and Annabelle being at her Dad’s, I’m back to work today.  How exciting!  Right?  Eh, not really.

I have so much homework to do though which consists of:

  • Read Chapter 5 in my Relationships, Marriage, and Family textbook
  • Read 40 pages out of my First Year Experience textbook
  • Do a note taking worksheet (So BORING)
  • Read a 12 page article from the CBO on Immigration
  • Take my first quiz for Public Issues

I think there’s one or two other things but I can’t remember and I don’t feel like taking out my planner.  Yay college!

But I do have to say I’m glad we actually READ our textbooks in college, unlike high school where you lug around these ridiculously huge textbooks EVERY DAY and never use them!  Although, my school started getting a clue and made most textbooks online or just had a classroom set since obviously it’s a waste of money to buy every student a textbook and you only read maybe 50 pages.  Not even.

Welcome to adult world,



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