Working 30+ hours a week, going to school, having a child, preparing for next racing season, AND kick starting my public speaking career is a lot of work. 

and it’s a lot of hard work.  

I’m in the midst of preparing for my presentation at my old high school on teen pregnancy, and man is it just WEIRD.

I’ve never had to make a presentation or speech before that didn’t have any criteria.  I’m one of those types of people that needs a set structure to follow.  But being a public speaker the only rule you really have to follow, or at least the only rule I’ve noticed so far, is time.  You have a time limit you have to fit.  Being an amateur and all, I don’t know how exactly to space my time, what to talk about most, what to even talk about at all, etc.

So far I have one activity for the class to do (mind you I’m talking to 10th graders) to warm them up, then I go into why I call my presentation ‘You Don’t Have to Be a Statistic’, and then onto my personal story.  After that, I’m stuck.  I’m trying to draw from other presentations I saw when I was in highschool, like Teen Challenge, and get a few pointers from those.

I’m hoping I can get this figured out.  I still have a little over a month, but I can’t let myself think that otherwise I’ll procrastinate.

I want to have this done,



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