This is the first weekend in THREE weeks that I’ve been home, so I decided to get as much work done as possible.

Saturday I went with my Dad, and brother to go pick up my second race car.  Which, by the way, I will never do again!  Three hours in a truck one way is just not fun.  I started regretting it about halfway THERE.

After we got home I took Annabelle out shopping.  I was on a mission to get her some winter gear but the store we went to had nothing!  I was so mad! But, we got a cute gift for my aunt and uncles baby-on-the-way, and I got a fall jacket.  So that was good!

This morning Annabelle and I got up bright and early to do the rest of our shopping.  Sadly, I had to pay full price for all of her winter gear (I’m not extremely frugal but paying full price for clothing she’s going to wear for only a few months makes me cringe!).  She was happy though and I don’t have to worry now about her not being prepared when the first snow hits.  That’s all that matters.  After shopping we went to my aunt and uncles to go drop off their presents and then annabelle and my godson got to play for a while which was nice!

Then Annabelle was so sweet and took a nice long nap for me so I could get a ton of cleaning done, woohoo!  Freshly cleaned carpet is so nice!  🙂

It feels great to have a (semi) clean house!  More clean that usual at least.

Sadly though I had to end my night with an extremely bad migraine.  Luckily my Mom was sweet though and went to go get me extra strength headache pills since I forgot to get some when I went shopping.  Oh and she got me some chapstick which I also forgot!  My dog ate my other chapstick that I totally paid too much for at the gas station, but desperate times call for desperate measures right? haha.

have a good night


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