It’s a Short Life

So what are you going to do with it?

Are you going to live out your dreams, be a passenger in someone else’s, or simply pass by through life?  Do you want to be a dot on the map, or something that makes all the other dots a bit better or happier?  Are you selfless, or in it for your own gain?  Will you be alright taking a cut in pay if it meant living out your dreams?  Do you have a plan, or are you simply living day by day?  Do you want to get married, settle down, have a family?  Or be a nomad and simply observe everyone else’s lives?  Are you willing to pour your heart into something?  Do you have a ton of dreams, or just a few?

These are all important life questions that must be answered.  The question is, how long will you wait to answer them?

when are you going to answer the questions of life?



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