Shy Entrepreneurs are Difficult

Being a shy entrepreneur can be difficult.  I’m one and sometimes I question my ability to be an entrepreneur.  I’ve made great strides in my level of outgoingness since my daughter was born, but I still have a long way to go.  Being shy doesn’t mean you can’t be an entrepreneur but some aspects of it may be more difficult than if you were outgoing.  Reaching out to people, for example, is one of my greatest disadvantages.  It took such great strength for me to reach out to my former principal and propose the idea of a public speaking opportunity.  Then when he put me into contact with one of the teachers (who I hadn’t ever talked to before) put me even more on edge.  Meeting with that teacher also put me on even more of an edge.  I was shaking and so nervous the entire time, but afterward I felt great!  Sometimes pushing yourself can reap great rewards because now I have been invited to be a keynote speaker at an event.  Maybe if I hadn’t gone through with that meeting, or responded to the e-mails I wouldn’t have gotten a good word in and wouldn’t have been able to kick start my career.

don’t let it get in your way



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