My Lack of Caring

I’m not sure if it’s actual lack of caring, or if I’m just too positive.  When something bad happens and someone starts flipping out my typical response is usually “It’ll be fine, relax for god sakes”.  Maybe it’s a lack of empathy.  Or maybe all of those personality tests are right and I am unable to connect with someone else’s emotions and understand why they’re feeling the way they are.  I don’t get overly emotional about things.  Even when family has died, I didn’t cry.  I simply thought it was a part of life and it would be fine.  Is that bad?  I feel like it’s bad.

Or when something bad happens to someone, or they’re in distress, it’s pretty much impossible for me to comfort them.  I’m not a touchy feely person and I even hate being touched when I’m upset.  I can’t just give someone a hug, that’s basically uncharted territory, even when it’s something happy or good.  That’s sad right?  The only person I hug on a regular basis, or really at all is my daughter.  She’s the only person I’m able to comfort.  But even then, it’s only to a certain extent.

So which is it, lack of caring, empathy, or inability to connect with others’ emotions?

I have a heart, I promise



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