Why the U.S. Government is Corrupt

Our elections are simply over publicised bull crap that our politicians campaign managers feed us to get them elected.  Who cares about the truth, right?  Have to sell the product no matter what!

Our politicians are influenced too much by money.  Money this, money that, screw morals.  I want money and I want it now!

Who cares about the long-lasting effects of decisions, right?  Like always, we want to use (and get) our money now!  Who cares if we don’t have that money in 2039?!  (whoever can accurately guess what I’m referring to, gets a reblog for a special shout out!)

I want!  I want!  I want!  If I don’t get what I want, then guess what, YOU don’t get anything at all because I don’t even know what the word compromise is anymore.

Why can’t our politicians focus more on what WE need as a whole.  What would benefit US.  Why do they have to be so concerned about money, and their own personal benefits?  Sadly, that’s human nature.  Also, as I’ve learned, politics is much more complicated than it may seem.

Still, I believe politicians could be doing much better than what they are now.  American citizens lives need to become a priority again.

WE as U.S. citizens need to MAKE our lives a priority to the U.S. Government again.  We need to stand up for ourselves and do something!  Send a letter to your governor, vote, do your research, educate yourself!

I will be voting this November, WILL YOU?

I hope the rest of the young people in my generation educate themselves, and vote this year, politicians won’t listen to us until we are an asset that they need



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