Message to America, Once the Wars Are Over

This goes along with my “why U.S. Troops aren’t paid more” post and I believe everyone should read this. Thank you to the author for sharing it with me.

Peaceful Rampage

Originally, my plan was to wait til the wars in the Middle East were officially over and all service personnel were back home before I posted about this but with the recent developments, there seems to be no clue as to when that’s going to be. What I am about to write has been slowly brewing up inside me for the past thirty years and is now coming to a head. I can’t wait anymore so I am going to get this off my chest. Here it comes.

No other country in the world honours its service personnel in war time better than the United States. True there is one exception to this and there is still plenty of room for improvement today but I can proudly say that this is one area where America does better than anyone else. My concern is what happens once the bullets finally do…

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