It’s All About Decisions

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Life is all about the decisions we make.  Whether it be going to college, or not going to college.  Giving a child up for adoption, or having an abortion.  Owning a home, or renting.  Doing schoolwork, or slacking off.  Eating out every night or making a home cooked dinner every night a priority.  Enrolling your children in sports, or having them decide what they want to do.

Those choices make our lives the way they are.  It’s all about decisions.

We make decisions to get to other places.  For example, going to college and getting a degree in order to obtain a (hopefully) better job.  Or, connecting with people in the industry that you want to be in so hopefully those connections help you ridge that gap between you and the work you want to do.  Or, saving up money to buy a house so that you can start a family.

So what kind of decisions have you made that brought you to the life you have now?

What kind of decisions do you need to make in order to be at the life you want to have?

Check out my last “It’s All About…” post here.

It’s all about decisions



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