That Hard Earned…


and you know it’s the best feeling ever when you totally thought you bombed that assignment.

I had to write my first real college paper this past week.  I completely forgot about it up until the night before it was due.  Talk about sweating it hard that night… whew.  I thought it was the worst paper I’d ever written because the only requirement was that it had to be a minimum of 3 pages long.  I usually never worry about length requirements because I tend to explain things very thoroughly, and give lots of detail.  I typically write about twice the requirement.

I went online to check if my professor posted any new discussions only to see that “comments awaiting viewing” icon.  My heart started racing, and quite frankly I didn’t want to look at the computer.  I clicked on it, looked away, slowly looked back and YES 50/50!  I was on cloud 9 for about one second.

This is also my redemption from getting a C on my first project in another class.  That’s probably why I was nervous to look at my grade.  It’s not my first college A (especially if you include when I went to business school because I got all A’s and maybe one B), but it was my first ever paper and it was an A!  So I’m going to say that’s a success, right?  Right!

keep on working hard



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