Why Entrepreneurship Sucks

Yup you heard that right, from an entrepreneurs mouth herself.

Being an entrepreneur sucks. Plain and simple. We work our asses off, and for what? A few acts of recognition, or a few out of this world opportunities?

We spend endless hours working, working, and working just for that ONE person to happen upon our project and say “by golly, I really like what you’re doing!”

We put in late night after late night. Sacrificing sleep, nice dinners, and watching our favorite tv shows. Which btw we end up binge watching the entire season in one late night after that ONE person happens upon our work and we think finally we can take a break. But nope. That late night we regret the next night because we don’t have another ONE person happening upon our work.

We put ourselves out there for nothing.  We are bait, hanging out there helplessly saying “save me save me save me!” until that hungry fish comes along and destroys everything we’ve built up and we finally get knocked down to the point we can’t fathom going another day.

but we do. We do it because we ARE entrepreneurs. We ARE striving for that ONE person.

But here’s the thing, I LOVE being an entrepreneur.

entrepreneurs are a rare breed



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