Blogging Rules – Or Not?

Is it really about how well you write (to a certain extent of course)?

Is it truly about the layout of your blog?

Is it the colors?  The amount of words?  Number of posts?  Pages?  Social media?

Is it really? 

Or is it all in our heads?  Can one build an amazing blog while breaking these rules?

Will we ever know?!


These are some random things that go through my mind when trying to think of ways to build my audience.




4 thoughts on “Blogging Rules – Or Not?

    • I used to have 2 other blogs (one of them being pretty successful) but decided to close them down to combine them into one blog, the blog you’re reading. I honestly don’t have the answer to any of these questions. Almost all bloggers will give you different answers. To me personally I think, if your content is great, the readers will come. If your content sucks, no matter how great your blog looks, or how much time you spend advertising it, it will get nowhere.


      • I totally agree with you. I actually didn’t think about that.
        All I was thinking was to have a place where I can write down things even if its yucky!!!! Thanks to you I already have second thoughts.


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