10 Things I Believe…

Are important to leading a healthy lifestyle…

This is a collection of ten things I believe are important to leading a healthy lifestyle.  Check them off and you’re on your way to attaining your goals!

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  1. Good attitude – Without a good attitude how are you supposed to lead a healthy lifestyle?  You can’t accomplish anything with a bad attitude.
  2. Drive – You need to have the drive, the motivation to keep you going day to day.  Especially on the hard days when you just want to give up.
  3. Support – Your support system will hold you accountable for your goals.  They will keep you going when if you didn’t tell anyone about your goals then you wouldn’t have to tell anyone about your failure.  Who likes sharing failure?
  4. Healthy Environment – Without a healthy environment all you’ll do is run is circles going nowhere, like when you’re stuck in a bad relationship and want a good one.  Nothing will happen when you’re staying there.
  5. Tracker – Something to track your progress.  Whether it be photographs, a diary, a blog, etc.
  6. Music – For those times in the gym or at home working out when you just want to stop.
  7. Inspiration – Find someone who has been in your shoes (or relatively close to your shoes) and has met the goals you’re trying to attain.  Contact them, follow their blog, etc.  Use them for inspiration.
  8. Goals – you’ll need long term and short term goals to run after.  Never give up on goals, without a goal you have nothing to keep you going.
  9. Snacks – and no, not doritos.  Keep your pantry and fridge stocked with healthy, and quick snacks so you don’t get off track with your healthy eating.
  10. Buddy – Not only should you have a support system, but you should have one specific buddy who will help you along the way in your journey.  Someone who will be there for you at any moments notice to help you, whether it be to pick you up, keep you motivated, or celebrate your achievements with you.

Keep these 10 things in mind and you’re on your way to a successful healthy lifestyle!

Chomp on some yummy cantaloupe,



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