The Pro’s and Con’s of Life

We often think of certain things in life as the “perfect way to live”.  You know what I’m talking about, plenty of money, all the food we can eat, awesome cars, ocean view, etc.  But is that really the “perfect way to live”?  

Really, if you dig deep down, is that what you want?  Is that what would make your life “perfect”?  Probably not.  

Why?  Because along with plenty of money comes plenty of taxes, greed, and ungratefulness.

Why?  Because along with all the food you can eat comes illness like diabetes, or high cholesterol, heart attacks, and more time spent on the couch instead of being productive.

Why?  Because along with awesome cars comes those awesome insurance rates, lots of attention (mainly unwanted) being brought to you, and way more investment money.

Why?  Because along with that beautiful ocean view comes hurricanes, tsunamis, and lots of tourists.

You see, there’s pros and cons to everything in life.  So why is it the more glamourous something is, the less we focus on the bad that comes with?  Or the less glamorous something is the less we focus on the good?

My life for example.  I’m a teen mom.  What do people do?  They constantly lecture me on all the horrible things that come with being a teen mom.  No being able to go out when I want to, not being able to stay up late like I used to, not being able to travel as far, having less opportunity.  The list keeps on going.  But do they ever say anything good?  Very rarely.  Like how having my daughter has taught me there’s more to focus on in this world than myself.  Or how I’ve learned a lot more responsibility.  Or how I have a better work ethic now because my work is going toward something more than myself.  Or how I’ve learned to appreciate things more.  That list goes on as well.

We need to be able to look at not only the pros or the cons but both and weigh them out.



9 thoughts on “The Pro’s and Con’s of Life

  1. I’ve been thinking about this. What you ask resonates as true but there’s more underneath. WHY the greed, the appetite for MORE? Those who trust whether in their God or life or whatever it is they want to that they don’t have to fight for more, that all will be well and we can be content, are better off in this area. And not driven by fear or greed.


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