It Takes a Village to Raise a Baby

You know that saying? Or something similar. I’m not very good at recalling things to the T.

Anyways, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately. It seems that since I’ve become a parent there’s a lot more judgment parents face than I ever knew.

We’ve become a world of ‘do-it-yourselfers’ (yes I know it’s not a word). It’s come to my attention that if you don’t do it all on your own that you’re basically a worthless piece of sh*t and the world’s most horrible parent.

You bring your child to daycare because you’re a single parent and need to work to raise your child? Well you better be aware that your child’s daycare provider is part of the raising of your child.

You have someone watch your child(ren) once on the weekend once in a blue moon so maybe you can have some time to yourself or with your significant other? You’re lazy and how dare you for leaving your child with someone to have a break?! Especially if you’re a working parent mind you, because I guess working is a relaxing break from your child(ren). Definitely isn’t for me that’s for sure.

I could go on and on.

The thing is, NONE of us do it ALL on our own. Not unless you or husband works, and then one stays home with the children, you never ever have someone babysit your children, your children never spend time at a friends house, and you homeschool your children till they move out of the house. I guess there’s some people like that out there but if I didn’t get a single moment away from my child till they were 18 or out of the house, I’d probably go batty.

What’s wrong with having other people helping in the raising of your children? What happened to the days where the whole town was one big family and everyone took care of one another. It’s every man for themselves today and in my opinion it’s sad.

What’s wrong with living in a multi-generational house? That’s how they did it 50 years ago. Everyone pitched in and did what they could do to help the family. What’s wrong with that?

What kind of society are we in today? Do we go overboard with the idea of independency?



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