Yes, This is My Life

You’ll notice Golden Grahams scattered across the floor due to my hyper chihuahua knocking over the bowl my daughter was eating from this morning.  The never ending amount of noise making toys my daughter has to have all out at once, even though she’s only interested in her Little People.  The cans of Sprite sitting on almost all of the tables because I can’t have caffeine since I have a concussion.  The large tote bag over by the basement door full of random things of mine that should have gone downstairs over a week ago.  The wide array of picture frames filling the white walls.  Papers all over that have no home.  The great amount of socks that have no mate and probably should be tossed but silently lay there unaccompanied.  The stacks of photographs my Mom has yet to put away from my Graduation party.

College papers.  Towels.  Pillows.  Blankets.

All silently resting amongst the house.

The sink full of dirty dishes because we’re all so busy with the hussle and bussle of our work days, and keeping up with this crazy dog and toddler.  Or the $5 pizza in the fridge from last night (which by the way is still good!).  The hamper full of days worth of clothes that should probably be put away but I’m too dizzy to stand for that long to do so.  My unmade bed which looks like a tornado hit it since I’ve been laying there for almost a week.  My unfinished walls that I started painting but have yet to complete because I became purely lazy and busy.

This is my life, and even though it can be exhausting and not so perfect, it’s all mine and I don’t want it any other way.  Except maybe I could do without this concussion 😉


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