Drowning – It Suffocates

Sometimes I believe us Americans are truly overworked.  We’re always being asked for more, more, more because society is greedy and demands progress every day.  Why can’t we take a step back and really be able to take the time to look at our life?  Why do we have to work to the point that we don’t even notice the time going by and it vanishes in the blink of an eye?  I would truly enjoy one day where time didn’t exist.  Where clocks weren’t readily available and I wasn’t scolded for not getting things done in 5 seconds flat.

We’re moving, moving, moving, and never slowing down.

In France they still adopt the “Sunday is a day of rest” philosophy.  Stores are closed down so that families stay home and spend time together, whereas in America Sunday is viewed as the day to get everything done before the work week begins again!  It’s a lot of pressure and it’s not healthy in my opinion.

Why do we have to be so rushed?  Why do things have to be done right this very moment?  I don’t understand.

Drowning, it suffocates



Why U.S. Troops Aren’t Paid More

I’m sure we all have seen pictures like these flooding our social media feed:

As much as I agree that our troops do deserve more than they’re given, there’s one big thing that comes to mind.

Say we were to raise troops wages to that of an NFL football player.  Wouldn’t that make the job more desirable for the pure fact of money?  Wouldn’t that take from the fact that that job is about defending our country?

I believe more people would be enlisting simply for money, cold but true.  I also believe that it would take the pride from the job.  Earning a purple heart wouldn’t have that honor anymore.

There needs to be passion and drive behind that of a soldier.  Money corrupts people, plain and simple.  This is how we keep our soldiers honest and humble.  Yes, I know not every soldier is honest and humble, so please don’t comment about that.  There’s not a single industry in this world where every employee is honest or humble.  These soldiers aren’t out there because they decided “oh that seems fun!” (although that may be part of it).  They’re out there because they love this country, and want to keep us at home safe.  Money would mess that up.  It would corrupt our army, and that’s too big of a risk.

I was going to enlist in the National Guard, but decided not to because of my daughter.  Maybe if the pay had been that of an NFL player I would’ve enlisted.  I also knew that I didn’t have that burning passion in my heart and it wasn’t fair to my country, my family. or myself to enlist


Do Everyone a Service and DON’T Vote!

WordPress’ voting project reminded me of my thoughts of voting.  Do I believe Americans’ should vote?  Yes!  What I don’t agree with are the “get out and vote!” campaigns trying to get people to simply vote (what WordPress is doing).  What is the good in having a mass amount of voters if they’re uneducated on what the topic being voted upon is?

Would you allow someone who’s very uneducated about finances have control over your finances?  Would you allow someone who doesn’t know anything about pregnancy to be your obstetrician during your pregnancy?  Would you allow someone who has zero experience with cars and motors to work on your transmission?  My guess is the answer to all of these is no.  So why would you want someone to go out and vote on things that are going to affect YOUR life dramatically if they know nothing about what it is they’re voting on?!  It’s insane!

I would love to see more people voting, especially young voters so that us young people are heard more.  But, I don’t want Joe from down the street who doesn’t even know the candidates or what they’re stance is on things to be voting simply because someone told him to go out and vote!  We need to EDUCATE voters on what they’re about to vote for before getting them to the polls.

Stop leaving America up to the uneducated!  

I am not voting this November 4th.  Why?  Because I haven’t educated myself on this year’s election therefore I have no business voting!


This video says everything even better than I have:

My Thought’s on T-Swift’s “Shake it Off”

I read a lot of negative comments regarding Taylor Swift on her “Shake it Off” video.

I personally feel her video is great.

It shows that she’s not letting what other celebs, or common people say about her, get to her.

Sure, some people can argue that by doing this video and song she did in fact let it get to her.  Claiming that if it didn’t get to her she wouldn’t have acknowledged those people and wrote a song about them.

I have to disagree.  She’s coming out with it right in the open blue sky, instead of sweeping it under the rug.  She’s saying “hey, this is me and if you don’t like it I don’t care because I will keep doing my thing!”

If you don’t stand up to the people talking badly, what are you to do?  Ignore it?  Sure, that doesn’t give them satisfaction.  But what really gets to them is saying blatantly, “yup you are screwing with me but guess what?  I’m going to keep on doing what I’m doing and you can keep on being negative but just know that I know you’re there but I don’t care enough to change because I love who I am.”

I’m not the biggest T-Swifter but I applaud her for this song and video!

Best Regards,