Struggling – We All Do it

What do YOU struggle with?  Are you currently working on it?  What do you do to counteract the struggle if you know it’s going to happen (for example, you know you’re a procrastinator so you make it a priority to sit down and get things done as soon as you know of what you need to do like a homework assignment or project for work)?



Ahh…Finally a Graduate!

It is so nice knowing that I’m finally officially out of High School and I don’t have to step foot in there again!  It was great to walk across that stage and get my diploma.  I must admit that I almost cried when I shook my old counselor’s hand and she told me how proud she was of me and how hard I worked to receive that diploma.  She’s been my support for school and has helped me even when I wasn’t attending my high school but was attending online school.  I really should send her a thank you e-mail.

It was so hot out for graduation though, I was sweating so bad!  Glad I didn’t have to take my robe off, haha.