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What Have I Been Up to?

I hope everyone else is doing great and keeping up with their goals!

I started college this week and here’s a few things I’ve learned:

  • Be at least 30 minutes early to class if you don’t have a very early morning class.  Otherwise, you will have to walk a long ways to get to the school because parking is limited.
  • Ending up sitting in the wrong class on the first day isn’t THAT embarrassing.  Just get up and walk out. Trust me, there will be other kids walking into your classes not knowing where they are either.
  • Notice the closest doors to your classrooms ASAP.  You’ll be thankful when the cold weather hits, or you’re running late.
  • Be at least 10-15 minutes early to class.  No you won’t be the only one there!  
  • COFFEE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND – especially if you have morning classes
  • Cafeteria food looks great, and it’s so exciting to eat “college food” but it’s too expensive!  Bring your own!  Seriously, I didn’t bring food my first day and I had 2 hours between classes that I spent in the cafeteria studying and I was starving!
  • Don’t expect to leave campus for lunch, you won’t get your spot back.  Stay put!
  • Just talk to people!  It’s not that bad.
  • Make sure you get ahead.  You’ll be thankful for it later.
  • Order your books early.  You don’t want to be without your books, or late to classes because you had to wait in that god awful line on the first day.

Okay, it was more than a few!  But hey, that’s how I roll 😉

So far college is going good!  The only part that’s killing me is the reading… SO MUCH READING.  I’m not used to it because we never read our textbooks in high school.  Seriously, I’m not even sure why they bothered buying them.  

Great to be blogging again,


With the Obesity Rates So High…

I thought this is a perfect quote for us health enthusiasts…

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Why continue on this long hard road of obesity, rising health care costs due to the horrible tolls it takes on our body, and all the other nasty things that come along with it which affects each and every one of us today in some way?  “Be the change you wish to see” and live a healthy lifestyle, it benefits not only us but the people we influence.


What Happens When You Become a Mother…Or Not?

I constantly see these posts and articles about ‘What Happens When You Become a Mother’.  They usually come with all these horrors and nonsense that throw non-parents off.

So what REALLY happens when you become a parent?

It’s different for everyone.  That’s right, I said it.  It’s never the same.

Sure there’s some common aspects like less sleep, and not having as much time for yourself.  But I’m talking about more uncommon things.  Like doing your laundry for example.

I used to always be on top of laundry (even when I first had my daughter).  I’d wash them all on the weekends, dry, fold, and put them away all in a day or two.  Almost always without fail.  Now I’m lucky if my laundry ever even sees the closet or dresser.  It usually  just goes from the laundry basket to the washer and dryer then back to the laundry basket to reside till it’s worn or washed again because I forgot whether it’s clean or dirty.

I’m also more health conscious than I used to be whereas some go from that awesome top-of-the-line health freak to ‘Hunny, what’d you do with that last box of mac and cheese?!  Tommy is crying and hungry!’

So if you ever get thrown off when you see those things and you’re a non-parent, don’t worry!  It’s typically not the same for everyone.

With love


Time for a Change

It’s time to solely focus on my daughter, being myself (by myself), school, and work.  I’m diving in headfirst and not looking back.  It’s time to get my sh*t together more than what I’m doing right now.  Although some may care to argue that I’m already doing more than enough.  Who know and who cares.  I’m going to make this time from now on as fun as possible.  (well, as much as I can).  

Here’s to a new path in life