It’s all About Networking

I’m sure most of you who are in the workforce, or getting ready to enter the workforce have heard that phrase often – it’s all about networking.  Networking is supposed to gain access to new opportunities you may not have had without that network (most likely a person).

I have always wanted to become a public/motivational speaker on topics that affect my life such as teen pregnancy, depression, and attaining goals and aspirations despite hard circumstances.

As some of you know, I graduated high school with honors this past year despite having a child at 16 and switching from regular school, to online, and back to regular school.

While the end of my senior year was approaching we had many senior meetings with our principal to discuss different topics such as the graduation ceremony, graduation requirements, moving onto college, and staying a part of our school family.

During one of our meetings, I believe it was the last one, our principal noted that even though we were moving onto bigger and better things, to never forget the family we had there.  He spoke of times former students would e-mail him expressing their thoughts and views on things going on at the school, and ways to improve student life.  He told us that he appreciates those e-mails and to always let him know of any ideas we have, or even just to say “hi”.

That struck a chord in me and I sat on it all summer long.  Then, one day I finally stood up and took action on my thought.  I had been working all senior year to guest speak in classes about being a teen parent.  Plans fell through however.  I decided I would take up my former principal on his offer to e-mail him any ideas we came up with.  So I e-mailed him.

In that e-mail I told him about my experience throughout high school, as I know I went to a school of over 2000 students and peoples’ stories can become lost in the crowd, unless you’re in the principals office often, which I never had been.  I couldn’t even tell you where his office was.  I expressed my desire to become a public speaker someday and thought that speaking at the high school would be a great stepping stone into that world.

I patiently awaited a response.  I also kept in mind that I contacted him during the hustle and bustle of back-to-school time, so I gave it a while.

Then I heard back from him and I was pleasantly surprised!  He forwarded the e-mail to one of the health teachers, who contacted me shortly there after.  He wanted to set up a meeting with me to discuss my idea for the speaking arrangement with him and another health teacher at the school.  Of course I was happy to do so!

I went to the meeting and it went great, regardless of my nerves.  He said he would contact me soon, after he ran it by the principal again just to make sure it was alright to book me for a speaking time.  I didn’t hear from him for a while and began to lose hope.  I started accepting that maybe this opportunity wasn’t the right one and I would come across another.

Then I had this inkling to check my e-mail today.  Just to make sure.

Low and behold I had an e-mail!  I got a date for my speaking opportunity and I couldn’t be any happier!  Now I can start planning what I’ll talk about and the activities that I will have the students do.

But, that’s not it!

My former principal also forwarded the original e-mail I sent him onto the student achievement advisor.  I got an e-mail from her as well. This is the big news.

She told me of a High School Forum that’s held at a local church each year.  This is where guest speakers come to speak about various topics related to sex education, relationships, self-esteem, and teen pregnancy.  10-20 students from each high school in our district (which is the largest in our state) attends the forum.

So what’s the big news?  (I love keeping you on the edge of your seat!)

She invited me to be the keynote speaker for the event!

Yes, you read that right!  ME – the keynote speaker at an event!  How amazing is that?!  Just truly amazing!  I can’t thank my former principal enough to give me these opportunities and give me ties to these people in my community.  I also can’t thank the teachers that I met with enough for opening their classrooms to me, to allow me to share my story in hopes it will affect these young persons’ lives.

I am beyond thrilled and ecstatic for these opportunities I’ve been blessed with.

you don’t fit the requirements for your dreams yet, 

become the requirements,

chase your dreams and you will succeed,


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Drowning – It Suffocates

Sometimes I believe us Americans are truly overworked.  We’re always being asked for more, more, more because society is greedy and demands progress every day.  Why can’t we take a step back and really be able to take the time to look at our life?  Why do we have to work to the point that we don’t even notice the time going by and it vanishes in the blink of an eye?  I would truly enjoy one day where time didn’t exist.  Where clocks weren’t readily available and I wasn’t scolded for not getting things done in 5 seconds flat.

We’re moving, moving, moving, and never slowing down.

In France they still adopt the “Sunday is a day of rest” philosophy.  Stores are closed down so that families stay home and spend time together, whereas in America Sunday is viewed as the day to get everything done before the work week begins again!  It’s a lot of pressure and it’s not healthy in my opinion.

Why do we have to be so rushed?  Why do things have to be done right this very moment?  I don’t understand.

Drowning, it suffocates


Bye-Bye WordPress!

Well, it’s that time again.  Another semester of school is on the horizon (actually more like a few doors down).  Classes start on Monday and I’m going to be going to school full-time this semester; unlike the last.  I have a lot more on my plate now, and it’s exciting!

That’s why I wanted to let you all know that I will be gone for the next few months.  I want to give school my full attention so I can receive all A’s.  I would really like 100% on all of my assignments as well, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here.

Even though I will be leaving, I will go through all of my posts and schedule some of them to run again for the next few months.  Just to keep some conversations going, bring back some information and ideas, etc.  Especially for all of my new followers that I have recently gained!

I hope you all are having a great new year, and have a even better spring!

And for my racing fans and drivers out there, I will see you in just a few short months! 🙂

life is nothing but a game, you just have to learn how to play it


Sometimes You Just Have to Do It

Sometimes you just have to choose that healthy food over the yummy Snickers.

Sometimes you just have to choose to exercise over that awesome marathon of your favorite TV show.

Sometimes you just have to choose to eat breakfast instead of sleeping in.

Sometimes you just have to do it.

Not as if someone’s forcing you, but because you know it’s what’s better for you.

We may not always LIKE it but we know it has more benefits and it’s better for us.

Just remember to keep on going and fight that battle with all you have!

Even when you drop off track remind yourself you can’t get stuck.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Life

We often think of certain things in life as the “perfect way to live”.  You know what I’m talking about, plenty of money, all the food we can eat, awesome cars, ocean view, etc.  But is that really the “perfect way to live”?  

Really, if you dig deep down, is that what you want?  Is that what would make your life “perfect”?  Probably not.  

Why?  Because along with plenty of money comes plenty of taxes, greed, and ungratefulness.

Why?  Because along with all the food you can eat comes illness like diabetes, or high cholesterol, heart attacks, and more time spent on the couch instead of being productive.

Why?  Because along with awesome cars comes those awesome insurance rates, lots of attention (mainly unwanted) being brought to you, and way more investment money.

Why?  Because along with that beautiful ocean view comes hurricanes, tsunamis, and lots of tourists.

You see, there’s pros and cons to everything in life.  So why is it the more glamourous something is, the less we focus on the bad that comes with?  Or the less glamorous something is the less we focus on the good?

My life for example.  I’m a teen mom.  What do people do?  They constantly lecture me on all the horrible things that come with being a teen mom.  No being able to go out when I want to, not being able to stay up late like I used to, not being able to travel as far, having less opportunity.  The list keeps on going.  But do they ever say anything good?  Very rarely.  Like how having my daughter has taught me there’s more to focus on in this world than myself.  Or how I’ve learned a lot more responsibility.  Or how I have a better work ethic now because my work is going toward something more than myself.  Or how I’ve learned to appreciate things more.  That list goes on as well.

We need to be able to look at not only the pros or the cons but both and weigh them out.


Why U.S. Troops Aren’t Paid More

I’m sure we all have seen pictures like these flooding our social media feed:

As much as I agree that our troops do deserve more than they’re given, there’s one big thing that comes to mind.

Say we were to raise troops wages to that of an NFL football player.  Wouldn’t that make the job more desirable for the pure fact of money?  Wouldn’t that take from the fact that that job is about defending our country?

I believe more people would be enlisting simply for money, cold but true.  I also believe that it would take the pride from the job.  Earning a purple heart wouldn’t have that honor anymore.

There needs to be passion and drive behind that of a soldier.  Money corrupts people, plain and simple.  This is how we keep our soldiers honest and humble.  Yes, I know not every soldier is honest and humble, so please don’t comment about that.  There’s not a single industry in this world where every employee is honest or humble.  These soldiers aren’t out there because they decided “oh that seems fun!” (although that may be part of it).  They’re out there because they love this country, and want to keep us at home safe.  Money would mess that up.  It would corrupt our army, and that’s too big of a risk.

I was going to enlist in the National Guard, but decided not to because of my daughter.  Maybe if the pay had been that of an NFL player I would’ve enlisted.  I also knew that I didn’t have that burning passion in my heart and it wasn’t fair to my country, my family. or myself to enlist


Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Yesterday was Annabelle’s second birthday!  How crazy is that?

It was so much fun to put together her party, and have all of the family over (except sadly my cousin came down with the flu so they weren’t able to make it).  And thankfully this year she loved everything she received from everyone!  Last year she didn’t really care about anything or play with any of it except a few things she really liked.

Now it’s time for christmas to get here! 🙂

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What We Need to do

What have I been doing these past few months since school started?  I took public issues, relationships marriages & the family, and first year experience.  But my favorite class was public issues.  (to all of my hometown friends who are reading this, TAKE THAT CLASS, YOU WON’T REGRET IT!)

Anyways, onto my point.  In public issues we spoke about a lot of problems going on in our community (obviously, hence the name).

The very first day of class our professor told us that by the end of the class he’s going to have us wanting to create a revolution.  And, to say the least he was right.  That’s why I’m writing this.  Now, I can’t teach you 16 weeks worth of information in this post, but I can hopefully inspire you to become a more educated, and informed citizen of your community.  That’s what the whole class was about anyways.

I can’t remember the name of the person my professor spoke of, but he stated that we need a revolution around every 19 years.  Why?  Because that’s when the new generation emerges.  Each generation needs to set their own rules so they can make the world how they want it to be. A revolution doesn’t have to be that of what we saw in the american revolution we so often hear about in our history classes.  No, not at all.  But what we need to do is stand up for what we believe in.  Take charge and take action.  Most importantly, at least to me that is, do it peacefully.  We need to voice our opinion and show our congress, and our politicians that we mean business.

So what can YOU do?

  • vote
  • But before you vote, get educated thoroughly on what you’re voting for
  • Write letters to your congressman/politicians/representatives
  • picket outside the capital
  • Before you picket, call the local news stations and tell them when/where you’re going to picket
  • Tell all of your friends what you’re doing, maybe they’ll jump on board
  • Go to local city meetings and voice your thoughts/opinions

Go ahead, get out there and do something!

You don’t even have to leave your computer.  Use social media to spread the word on what you’re doing.  Use the ever so lovely e-mail that you’ve been neglecting.

Just do it!

You want your freedom?  It’s not a right, it’s a privilege, so make sure you can keep it!

the future of this country is in our hands, don’t ruin it because you ‘don’t feel like doing it’