A Little Easter Update

Hi everyone!

I haven’t made a post in while, so I wanted to update everyone. First of all, it’s getting closer to summer which then means more time for blogging (yay)!

A lot of things have been happening since I last updated, so let’s just go down a list.

  1. I’ve been getting more hours at work which means less time for homework, blogging, and YDHS.
  2. I finally received the rest of the Won’t be a Statistic Campaign donations and dropped them off with Sam last Friday.
  3. I’ve been working on bringing new elements into YDHS to broaden our horizons.
  4. I began the journey of minimalism. It’s been really exciting!
  5. I recently celebrated my six months with my wonderful boy friend.
  6. I started a new workout routine (which has been interrupted since getting more hours at work).
  7. I’m continuing to shape myself, and my lifestyle.

Things have been stressful but oh so great at the same time!

I hope everyone has been doing great, and I can’t wait to be back full-time in June.

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Bye-Bye WordPress!

Well, it’s that time again.  Another semester of school is on the horizon (actually more like a few doors down).  Classes start on Monday and I’m going to be going to school full-time this semester; unlike the last.  I have a lot more on my plate now, and it’s exciting!

That’s why I wanted to let you all know that I will be gone for the next few months.  I want to give school my full attention so I can receive all A’s.  I would really like 100% on all of my assignments as well, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here.

Even though I will be leaving, I will go through all of my posts and schedule some of them to run again for the next few months.  Just to keep some conversations going, bring back some information and ideas, etc.  Especially for all of my new followers that I have recently gained!

I hope you all are having a great new year, and have a even better spring!

And for my racing fans and drivers out there, I will see you in just a few short months! 🙂

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Kiss My BUTT Finals!

In the past about two days I have written a total of 13 papers.  Which totalled around 31 pages total.  Let’s put it this way: I AM BEYOND ECSTATIC THAT I AM DONE WITH FINALS!

I have taken it upon myself to put together a collection of pictures to describe how I’ve felt these past couple weeks.

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So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been through a :LOT and I am so happy it’s over.  Let’s just forget this whole finals thing ever happened, alright?

On another note, I may be switching to a tech school so I can get my degree faster, and have it job specific.  Not to mention it’s cheaper as well.  I just e-mailed them about a campus visit, woohoo!

Hopefully this means I’ll get to a better paying job to support Annabelle and I even sooner than I expected.  Crossing my fingers!

such is life


10 Things I Believe…

Are important to leading a healthy lifestyle…

This is a collection of ten things I believe are important to leading a healthy lifestyle.  Check them off and you’re on your way to attaining your goals!

(image found here)

  1. Good attitude – Without a good attitude how are you supposed to lead a healthy lifestyle?  You can’t accomplish anything with a bad attitude.
  2. Drive – You need to have the drive, the motivation to keep you going day to day.  Especially on the hard days when you just want to give up.
  3. Support – Your support system will hold you accountable for your goals.  They will keep you going when if you didn’t tell anyone about your goals then you wouldn’t have to tell anyone about your failure.  Who likes sharing failure?
  4. Healthy Environment – Without a healthy environment all you’ll do is run is circles going nowhere, like when you’re stuck in a bad relationship and want a good one.  Nothing will happen when you’re staying there.
  5. Tracker – Something to track your progress.  Whether it be photographs, a diary, a blog, etc.
  6. Music – For those times in the gym or at home working out when you just want to stop.
  7. Inspiration – Find someone who has been in your shoes (or relatively close to your shoes) and has met the goals you’re trying to attain.  Contact them, follow their blog, etc.  Use them for inspiration.
  8. Goals – you’ll need long term and short term goals to run after.  Never give up on goals, without a goal you have nothing to keep you going.
  9. Snacks – and no, not doritos.  Keep your pantry and fridge stocked with healthy, and quick snacks so you don’t get off track with your healthy eating.
  10. Buddy – Not only should you have a support system, but you should have one specific buddy who will help you along the way in your journey.  Someone who will be there for you at any moments notice to help you, whether it be to pick you up, keep you motivated, or celebrate your achievements with you.

Keep these 10 things in mind and you’re on your way to a successful healthy lifestyle!

Chomp on some yummy cantaloupe,


Do Everyone a Service and DON’T Vote!

WordPress’ voting project reminded me of my thoughts of voting.  Do I believe Americans’ should vote?  Yes!  What I don’t agree with are the “get out and vote!” campaigns trying to get people to simply vote (what WordPress is doing).  What is the good in having a mass amount of voters if they’re uneducated on what the topic being voted upon is?

Would you allow someone who’s very uneducated about finances have control over your finances?  Would you allow someone who doesn’t know anything about pregnancy to be your obstetrician during your pregnancy?  Would you allow someone who has zero experience with cars and motors to work on your transmission?  My guess is the answer to all of these is no.  So why would you want someone to go out and vote on things that are going to affect YOUR life dramatically if they know nothing about what it is they’re voting on?!  It’s insane!

I would love to see more people voting, especially young voters so that us young people are heard more.  But, I don’t want Joe from down the street who doesn’t even know the candidates or what they’re stance is on things to be voting simply because someone told him to go out and vote!  We need to EDUCATE voters on what they’re about to vote for before getting them to the polls.

Stop leaving America up to the uneducated!  

I am not voting this November 4th.  Why?  Because I haven’t educated myself on this year’s election therefore I have no business voting!


This video says everything even better than I have:

If You Want to Know More…

As a lot of you know, I have started my public speaking career.  I have been meaning to make a blog for my public speaking.  That way I can have a place for other to contact me for speaking opportunities, and other things in that regard.  Like my website, but with a blog as well so I can talk about my experiences.

If you want to know more about my public speaking you can follow my other blog here.

I hope you enjoy


Throwback Thursday

Listening to some music that reminds me of my school dances back in high school got me in a sentimental mood.  Hell yeah!

I have to say, my high school is definitely known for our school dances.  Mainly because we’re the least conservative high school when it comes to dances.  Hell, we’re not conservative at all.  When you step into our school danes (especially prom), it’s like stepping into a nightclub.  Not going to lie.

You think those girls are goody two shoes right?  Yeah, no.  Dance night (especially prom) means you can be the craziest person ever, and no one will give it a second thought.  You basically a get out of jail free card for prom night at our school.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a goody two shoes, there’s a 99% chance you won’t be on prom night.  At any given time at any school dance for our school, there was only 2 people not being crazy/wild.

and let me tell you, it was FUN!  I would absolutely love to go back to my high school danes.

Not going to lie, looking back at these make me want to go out for my 21st birthday even more.

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