He is We – Our July in Rain


TED Talks

I absolutely LOVE Ted Talks!  They’re so interesting, and bring a lot of information in a short period of time.

I thought I’d share one of my favorites.  And I’m sure if you have been following me, you know why I love this Ted Talk 😉

My Obsession

I have always been into those criminal shows.  Things like Criminal Minds, First 48, NCIS, NUMB3RS, etc.

Right now my obsession is Criminal Minds.  Such a great show!  The only thing is that I can’t really watch it when I’m home alone.  Otherwise I spend the day looking behind my back the whole time and running wherever I’m going.

Although I’m watching the premiere of the new season right now and I am so weirded out to see Jennifer Love Hewitt from Ghost Whisperer on the show.  I’m so used to her being the ghost whisperer (one of my other shows I used to be obsessed with).

I have to say I really wish I was as smart as Spencer Reid.  My boy friend on the other hand thinks he “doesn’t have that much fun” so he wishes he was as smart as Derek Morgan.  I think it’s fun to be smart!  But hey I’m a nerd so that explains a lot 😉

Not only is Spencer extremely smart, but c’mon, look at that hair!


The bad thing about strangers is that they don’t know you.  With them, you can’t be anyone you want.  They will mix, match and throw on the wrong personality, see how it works for them.  Go get judged by a stranger.

There’s a time when they slap on a layer of disconnect and discontent to settle between them and you. Try as you might, you can’t get through, can’t convey what you mean. The sea of strangers feel like they know each others stories. They don’t know them and never will.

We spend hours mulling over some person’s character, avoiding reading between the lines. We spend an entire lifetime judging, not knowing what we seek, not understanding, not recognizing who they really are. We’re all lost within the eternal quest for others to know us for us, lost in the search for acceptance and understanding. We don’t know exactly who they are and there’s always a part of them that remains unknown, unexplored.

We’re scared to be judged by strangers when reality is that we’re strangers who judge others ourselves.

my version of miss moody’s “strangers”


Planning a Speech or Speaking Engagement

I’ve always admired public speakers.  It’s fascinated me how they can just talk about whatever it is they’re talking about.  Now, I love talking, but talking for a planned speaking engagement is different.  You have to captivate your audience, you’re crunched for time (all while you have a million things you HAVE to say, or want to say really badly), you have to get your message across, etc.

It was either Freshmen or Sophomore year of high school.  We had a motivational speaker come to our school and the whole school was excused from class to go listen to this person.  Ask me what it was he actually talked about, I can’t tell you even an inkling.  But, what I can tell you is that’s when the seed was planted in my heart/head that I wanted to become a speaker.  I wanted to be speaking in my school’s field house just like that man.  Thus the reason I’ve pursued my career, and went out on a limb by e-mailing my old principal proposing my idea.

Now that I’m here planning my first speaking engagement AND speech, I have my work cut out for me.  There’s so much planning that comes into these things.  Since it’s my first time, I don’t know exactly what to expect, or how to plan for it but I’m trying my best!

I give a lot of credit to other public speakers out there.  They do a lot of hard work that probably goes unnoticed because they make it look so easy.

public speakers for the win