Drowning – It Suffocates

Sometimes I believe us Americans are truly overworked.  We’re always being asked for more, more, more because society is greedy and demands progress every day.  Why can’t we take a step back and really be able to take the time to look at our life?  Why do we have to work to the point that we don’t even notice the time going by and it vanishes in the blink of an eye?  I would truly enjoy one day where time didn’t exist.  Where clocks weren’t readily available and I wasn’t scolded for not getting things done in 5 seconds flat.

We’re moving, moving, moving, and never slowing down.

In France they still adopt the “Sunday is a day of rest” philosophy.  Stores are closed down so that families stay home and spend time together, whereas in America Sunday is viewed as the day to get everything done before the work week begins again!  It’s a lot of pressure and it’s not healthy in my opinion.

Why do we have to be so rushed?  Why do things have to be done right this very moment?  I don’t understand.

Drowning, it suffocates



Be Successful

Be the most successful you can be.  Make the most of your time, and be productive.  Don’t back down from a challenge.  It’s the challenges in life and how we react that define who we are.

I really love these infographics


What Have You Done for Your Dreams?

We all have dreams.  Whether they be extremely big and nearly impossible, or fairly simple and attainable.  But – is that all they’ll ever be?  Just a dream? I believe we all love that feeling of a dream.  It’s so … Continue reading

10 Things I Believe…

Are important to leading a healthy lifestyle…

This is a collection of ten things I believe are important to leading a healthy lifestyle.  Check them off and you’re on your way to attaining your goals!

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  1. Good attitude – Without a good attitude how are you supposed to lead a healthy lifestyle?  You can’t accomplish anything with a bad attitude.
  2. Drive – You need to have the drive, the motivation to keep you going day to day.  Especially on the hard days when you just want to give up.
  3. Support – Your support system will hold you accountable for your goals.  They will keep you going when if you didn’t tell anyone about your goals then you wouldn’t have to tell anyone about your failure.  Who likes sharing failure?
  4. Healthy Environment – Without a healthy environment all you’ll do is run is circles going nowhere, like when you’re stuck in a bad relationship and want a good one.  Nothing will happen when you’re staying there.
  5. Tracker – Something to track your progress.  Whether it be photographs, a diary, a blog, etc.
  6. Music – For those times in the gym or at home working out when you just want to stop.
  7. Inspiration – Find someone who has been in your shoes (or relatively close to your shoes) and has met the goals you’re trying to attain.  Contact them, follow their blog, etc.  Use them for inspiration.
  8. Goals – you’ll need long term and short term goals to run after.  Never give up on goals, without a goal you have nothing to keep you going.
  9. Snacks – and no, not doritos.  Keep your pantry and fridge stocked with healthy, and quick snacks so you don’t get off track with your healthy eating.
  10. Buddy – Not only should you have a support system, but you should have one specific buddy who will help you along the way in your journey.  Someone who will be there for you at any moments notice to help you, whether it be to pick you up, keep you motivated, or celebrate your achievements with you.

Keep these 10 things in mind and you’re on your way to a successful healthy lifestyle!

Chomp on some yummy cantaloupe,


Blogging Rules – Or Not?

Is it really about how well you write (to a certain extent of course)?

Is it truly about the layout of your blog?

Is it the colors?  The amount of words?  Number of posts?  Pages?  Social media?

Is it really? 

Or is it all in our heads?  Can one build an amazing blog while breaking these rules?

Will we ever know?!


These are some random things that go through my mind when trying to think of ways to build my audience.



It’s All About Decisions

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Life is all about the decisions we make.  Whether it be going to college, or not going to college.  Giving a child up for adoption, or having an abortion.  Owning a home, or renting.  Doing schoolwork, or slacking off.  Eating out every night or making a home cooked dinner every night a priority.  Enrolling your children in sports, or having them decide what they want to do.

Those choices make our lives the way they are.  It’s all about decisions.

We make decisions to get to other places.  For example, going to college and getting a degree in order to obtain a (hopefully) better job.  Or, connecting with people in the industry that you want to be in so hopefully those connections help you ridge that gap between you and the work you want to do.  Or, saving up money to buy a house so that you can start a family.

So what kind of decisions have you made that brought you to the life you have now?

What kind of decisions do you need to make in order to be at the life you want to have?

Check out my last “It’s All About…” post here.

It’s all about decisions


Why the U.S. Government is Corrupt

Our elections are simply over publicised bull crap that our politicians campaign managers feed us to get them elected.  Who cares about the truth, right?  Have to sell the product no matter what!

Our politicians are influenced too much by money.  Money this, money that, screw morals.  I want money and I want it now!

Who cares about the long-lasting effects of decisions, right?  Like always, we want to use (and get) our money now!  Who cares if we don’t have that money in 2039?!  (whoever can accurately guess what I’m referring to, gets a reblog for a special shout out!)

I want!  I want!  I want!  If I don’t get what I want, then guess what, YOU don’t get anything at all because I don’t even know what the word compromise is anymore.

Why can’t our politicians focus more on what WE need as a whole.  What would benefit US.  Why do they have to be so concerned about money, and their own personal benefits?  Sadly, that’s human nature.  Also, as I’ve learned, politics is much more complicated than it may seem.

Still, I believe politicians could be doing much better than what they are now.  American citizens lives need to become a priority again.

WE as U.S. citizens need to MAKE our lives a priority to the U.S. Government again.  We need to stand up for ourselves and do something!  Send a letter to your governor, vote, do your research, educate yourself!

I will be voting this November, WILL YOU?

I hope the rest of the young people in my generation educate themselves, and vote this year, politicians won’t listen to us until we are an asset that they need


It’s a Short Life

So what are you going to do with it?

Are you going to live out your dreams, be a passenger in someone else’s, or simply pass by through life?  Do you want to be a dot on the map, or something that makes all the other dots a bit better or happier?  Are you selfless, or in it for your own gain?  Will you be alright taking a cut in pay if it meant living out your dreams?  Do you have a plan, or are you simply living day by day?  Do you want to get married, settle down, have a family?  Or be a nomad and simply observe everyone else’s lives?  Are you willing to pour your heart into something?  Do you have a ton of dreams, or just a few?

These are all important life questions that must be answered.  The question is, how long will you wait to answer them?

when are you going to answer the questions of life?



Working 30+ hours a week, going to school, having a child, preparing for next racing season, AND kick starting my public speaking career is a lot of work. 

and it’s a lot of hard work.  

I’m in the midst of preparing for my presentation at my old high school on teen pregnancy, and man is it just WEIRD.

I’ve never had to make a presentation or speech before that didn’t have any criteria.  I’m one of those types of people that needs a set structure to follow.  But being a public speaker the only rule you really have to follow, or at least the only rule I’ve noticed so far, is time.  You have a time limit you have to fit.  Being an amateur and all, I don’t know how exactly to space my time, what to talk about most, what to even talk about at all, etc.

So far I have one activity for the class to do (mind you I’m talking to 10th graders) to warm them up, then I go into why I call my presentation ‘You Don’t Have to Be a Statistic’, and then onto my personal story.  After that, I’m stuck.  I’m trying to draw from other presentations I saw when I was in highschool, like Teen Challenge, and get a few pointers from those.

I’m hoping I can get this figured out.  I still have a little over a month, but I can’t let myself think that otherwise I’ll procrastinate.

I want to have this done,