It Would Change the World If…

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Struggling – We All Do it

What do YOU struggle with? ¬†Are you currently working on it? ¬†What do you do to counteract the struggle if you know it’s going to happen (for example, you know you’re a procrastinator so you make it a priority to sit down and get things done as soon as you know of what you need to do like a homework assignment or project for work)?


The Pro’s and Con’s of Life

We often think of certain things in life as the “perfect way to live”. ¬†You know what I’m talking about, plenty of money, all the food we can eat, awesome cars, ocean view, etc. ¬†But is that really the “perfect way to live”? ¬†

Really, if you dig deep down, is that what you want? ¬†Is that what would make your life “perfect”? ¬†Probably not. ¬†

Why?  Because along with plenty of money comes plenty of taxes, greed, and ungratefulness.

Why?  Because along with all the food you can eat comes illness like diabetes, or high cholesterol, heart attacks, and more time spent on the couch instead of being productive.

Why?  Because along with awesome cars comes those awesome insurance rates, lots of attention (mainly unwanted) being brought to you, and way more investment money.

Why?  Because along with that beautiful ocean view comes hurricanes, tsunamis, and lots of tourists.

You see, there’s pros and cons to everything in life. ¬†So why is it the more glamourous something is, the less we focus on the bad that comes with? ¬†Or the less glamorous something is the less we focus on the good?

My life for example. ¬†I’m a teen mom. ¬†What do people do? ¬†They constantly lecture me on all the horrible things that come with being a teen mom. ¬†No being able to go out when I want to, not being able to stay up late like I used to, not being able to travel as far, having less opportunity. ¬†The list keeps on going. ¬†But do they ever say anything good? ¬†Very rarely. ¬†Like how having my daughter has taught me there’s more to focus on in this world than myself. ¬†Or how I’ve learned a lot more responsibility. ¬†Or how I have a better work ethic now because my work is going toward something more than myself. ¬†Or how I’ve learned to appreciate things more. ¬†That list goes on as well.

We need to be able to look at not only the pros or the cons but both and weigh them out.


What’s a Little Extra – or Less?

Diana over at Trying to Make Things Right made a post “I like Bacon and i’m not ashamed” about women’s fascination with being smaller than normal. ¬†Included in her post was a picture of her from several years ago when she was much smaller and one from now with a bit of extra weight on her. ¬†Of course she looks much healthier and even more fabulous now!

It struck a thought in my mind about how much I look different from before I had my daughter, after I had her and then today.


February of 2012 – 89lbs


Less than a month of giving birth January 2013 – 110lbs


June 2014 – 95lbs

I know, not much of a difference between the pictures but I’m not sure which looks best or most healthy. ¬†I think I’m pretty comfortable with what I am now because I can actually fit IN clothing instead of having everything fall OFF. ¬†Now I can walk around and not be worried about my pants falling down or having to pull them up every 5 seconds. ¬†What’s sad is that when the clothes were falling off of me I was a size 0 and now I’m closer to a size 1 (I think – since summer started I can’t fit into any of my size 0 clothes and haven’t went shopping for anything so I’m always wearing athletic clothes). ¬†But I do kind-of miss my fuller figure after having my daughter. ¬†I’d say I’m pretty happy with what I have now. ¬†I’ve done a lot of weight-lifting and work to gain more weight and I’ve done a good job at it.


That Hard Earned…


and you know it’s the best feeling ever when you totally thought you bombed that assignment.

I had to write my first¬†real¬†college paper this past week. ¬†I completely forgot about it up until the night before it was due. ¬†Talk about sweating it hard that night… whew. ¬†I thought it was the worst paper I’d ever written because the only requirement was that it had to be a minimum of 3 pages long. ¬†I usually never worry about length requirements because I tend to explain things very thoroughly, and give lots of detail. ¬†I typically¬†write about twice the requirement.

I went online to check if my professor posted any new discussions only to see that “comments awaiting viewing” icon. ¬†My heart started racing, and quite frankly I didn’t want to look at the computer. ¬†I clicked on it, looked away, slowly looked back and YES 50/50! ¬†I was on cloud 9 for about one second.

This is also my redemption from getting a C on my first project in another class. ¬†That’s probably why I was nervous to look at my grade. ¬†It’s not my first college A (especially if you include when I went to business school because I got all A’s and¬†maybe¬†one B), but it was my first ever paper and it was an A! ¬†So I’m going to say that’s a success, right? ¬†Right!

keep on working hard


It’s All About Decisions

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Life is all about the decisions we make.  Whether it be going to college, or not going to college.  Giving a child up for adoption, or having an abortion.  Owning a home, or renting.  Doing schoolwork, or slacking off.  Eating out every night or making a home cooked dinner every night a priority.  Enrolling your children in sports, or having them decide what they want to do.

Those choices make our lives the way they are. ¬†It’s all about decisions.

We make decisions to get to other places.  For example, going to college and getting a degree in order to obtain a (hopefully) better job.  Or, connecting with people in the industry that you want to be in so hopefully those connections help you ridge that gap between you and the work you want to do.  Or, saving up money to buy a house so that you can start a family.

So what kind of decisions have you made that brought you to the life you have now?

What kind of decisions do you need to make in order to be at the life you want to have?

Check out my last “It’s All About…” post here.

It’s all about decisions