A Little Easter Update

Hi everyone!

I haven’t made a post in while, so I wanted to update everyone. First of all, it’s getting closer to summer which then means more time for blogging (yay)!

A lot of things have been happening since I last updated, so let’s just go down a list.

  1. I’ve been getting more hours at work which means less time for homework, blogging, and YDHS.
  2. I finally received the rest of the Won’t be a Statistic Campaign donations and dropped them off with Sam last Friday.
  3. I’ve been working on bringing new elements into YDHS to broaden our horizons.
  4. I began the journey of minimalism. It’s been really exciting!
  5. I recently celebrated my six months with my wonderful boy friend.
  6. I started a new workout routine (which has been interrupted since getting more hours at work).
  7. I’m continuing to shape myself, and my lifestyle.

Things have been stressful but oh so great at the same time!

I hope everyone has been doing great, and I can’t wait to be back full-time in June.

living a more peaceful life


My Senior Challenge

My whole schooling career up until senior year were pretty much the same.  I was always the quiet girl.  I felt people criticizing me all the time.  I was awkward.  I got bullied.  I got teased.  I felt completely alone.  I didn’t talk to pretty much anyone in my class because most of them were rude and mean.

You would think that after having a child in my junior year, that my life at school would be even more hell.

For those who don’t know, I left school after the first trimester of my Junior year.  I was about 8 months pregnant when I left.  I had my daughter just under a month after leaving.  I didn’t drop out though, I went to online school.  I became very depressed and decided that after my junior year was completed, I would go back and re-enroll at my old high school for my senior year.  I knew my daughter deserved a happy mother, and I deserved my senior year as well. 

Before senior year began I made it a point to do the following things:

  1. Get out of my comfort zone – I rarely ever spoke to people I didn’t know.  I was shy and socializing gave my anxiety.  I decided I would talk to anyone and everyone.  It didn’t matter.  I just talked to people.
  2. Make amends – Being a teen mother, I fell under a lot of scrutiny.  I made the choice to not necessarily forget what certain people said to me or behind my back, but to let it go.  I ended up sitting next to one of the girls who talked very badly about me when I was pregnant.  I can’t even tell you what she said about me to this day because I let it go.  We talked in class every day.  We weren’t friends or anything, but we got along and were able to speak like adults with each other.  It meant the world to me to get rid of that anger and forgive her.  Even though I never actually told her that I forgave her.
  3. Have fun! – all of my other years of school I didn’t do much for fun.  I was too focused on school and didn’t really have any friends to have fun with.  So I decided I would have fun whether it was alone or with friends!
  4. Participate – I always sat in the back of the class observing.  I didn’t participate much because of my anxiety.  My senior year I took every advantage to participate.  It brought out the social butterfly in me and I loved it!

These things may not be comparable with your life since we all face different challenges.  But these were mine.  I faced my challenges head on and now I can say confidently that I’m more outgoing, and much more socially comfortable than I was before.  I have made great strides this past year, and I challenge all of the current High School Seniors across the whole country to do the same!  Really pinpoint what your challenge areas are, and utilize senior year to improve on them!

I got to become a newer and better version of myself.  I also got to get closer with my class and spend our senior year together, which was amazing.  I hope you’re able to do the same with your senior year!  MAKE IT WORTHWHILE!

make your own senior challenge


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Sometimes You Just Have to Do It

Sometimes you just have to choose that healthy food over the yummy Snickers.

Sometimes you just have to choose to exercise over that awesome marathon of your favorite TV show.

Sometimes you just have to choose to eat breakfast instead of sleeping in.

Sometimes you just have to do it.

Not as if someone’s forcing you, but because you know it’s what’s better for you.

We may not always LIKE it but we know it has more benefits and it’s better for us.

Just remember to keep on going and fight that battle with all you have!

Even when you drop off track remind yourself you can’t get stuck.

What Have You Done for Your Dreams?

We all have dreams.  Whether they be extremely big and nearly impossible, or fairly simple and attainable.  But – is that all they’ll ever be?  Just a dream? I believe we all love that feeling of a dream.  It’s so … Continue reading

10 Things I Believe…

Are important to leading a healthy lifestyle…

This is a collection of ten things I believe are important to leading a healthy lifestyle.  Check them off and you’re on your way to attaining your goals!

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  1. Good attitude – Without a good attitude how are you supposed to lead a healthy lifestyle?  You can’t accomplish anything with a bad attitude.
  2. Drive – You need to have the drive, the motivation to keep you going day to day.  Especially on the hard days when you just want to give up.
  3. Support – Your support system will hold you accountable for your goals.  They will keep you going when if you didn’t tell anyone about your goals then you wouldn’t have to tell anyone about your failure.  Who likes sharing failure?
  4. Healthy Environment – Without a healthy environment all you’ll do is run is circles going nowhere, like when you’re stuck in a bad relationship and want a good one.  Nothing will happen when you’re staying there.
  5. Tracker – Something to track your progress.  Whether it be photographs, a diary, a blog, etc.
  6. Music – For those times in the gym or at home working out when you just want to stop.
  7. Inspiration – Find someone who has been in your shoes (or relatively close to your shoes) and has met the goals you’re trying to attain.  Contact them, follow their blog, etc.  Use them for inspiration.
  8. Goals – you’ll need long term and short term goals to run after.  Never give up on goals, without a goal you have nothing to keep you going.
  9. Snacks – and no, not doritos.  Keep your pantry and fridge stocked with healthy, and quick snacks so you don’t get off track with your healthy eating.
  10. Buddy – Not only should you have a support system, but you should have one specific buddy who will help you along the way in your journey.  Someone who will be there for you at any moments notice to help you, whether it be to pick you up, keep you motivated, or celebrate your achievements with you.

Keep these 10 things in mind and you’re on your way to a successful healthy lifestyle!

Chomp on some yummy cantaloupe,


What’s a Little Extra – or Less?

Diana over at Trying to Make Things Right made a post “I like Bacon and i’m not ashamed” about women’s fascination with being smaller than normal.  Included in her post was a picture of her from several years ago when she was much smaller and one from now with a bit of extra weight on her.  Of course she looks much healthier and even more fabulous now!

It struck a thought in my mind about how much I look different from before I had my daughter, after I had her and then today.


February of 2012 – 89lbs


Less than a month of giving birth January 2013 – 110lbs


June 2014 – 95lbs

I know, not much of a difference between the pictures but I’m not sure which looks best or most healthy.  I think I’m pretty comfortable with what I am now because I can actually fit IN clothing instead of having everything fall OFF.  Now I can walk around and not be worried about my pants falling down or having to pull them up every 5 seconds.  What’s sad is that when the clothes were falling off of me I was a size 0 and now I’m closer to a size 1 (I think – since summer started I can’t fit into any of my size 0 clothes and haven’t went shopping for anything so I’m always wearing athletic clothes).  But I do kind-of miss my fuller figure after having my daughter.  I’d say I’m pretty happy with what I have now.  I’ve done a lot of weight-lifting and work to gain more weight and I’ve done a good job at it.


You Will Be Famous

I was at work the other morning and there’s a group of older men who come in frequently.  They always have lots of coffee and stick around talking for quite a while.  I went to go refill their coffee and one of them had asked me earlier what I was studying in college, and I said I was leaning toward business.  When I went to refill their coffee he told the rest of the men how I was studying business and one of them replied “Stick to it!  You’ll be famous one day!”

All I could do was chuckle and say thank you!

Now, many people will take this comment as just some senile man making a probably not so true comment.

Me on the other hand, I take it as motivation, and a sign of something greater.

Someday, I will be famous.  Not maybe, and no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

and I have my readers to thank for it