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Overcoming Obstacles – and a Victory Dance

You know that exact moment when you’ve overcome something and you just want to throw your fist in the air and proclaim “VICTORY!” ?  You do?  Awesome!

                       Much like this! Can anyone name the movie this is from?

Lately I was been battling Annabelle to go to sleep.  She absolutely refused to go to bed – unless my Mom was holding her.

So I’ve been trying to let her cry it out.  I’d go in, put her back in bed, rub her back or head, give her a kiss and leave. Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Eventually I’d give up and she would wind up on my Mom’s lap.  Me being so frustrated I’d just be relieved to breathe finally and I’d be so exhausted that I’d go to bed.

Finally this week I put my foot down (much like a little while ago with her pacifier).  I’ve been letting her cry and I’d go through that whole process over and over until she fell asleep.  It took less than 30 minutes last night and she was asleep before nine!

I figured, eh, I got lucky.  It happens, and it’s happened before.  Nothing to be too happy about.

Then tonight came.

Went through that process, and once again she was asleep before nine!  Tonight however, she put herself to sleep for the most part.  I left her door open and she only got out of her bed maybe 3 times.  Two of the times I ended up letting her cry, and the third she didn’t cry and laid back down when I told her to.

After she actually fell asleep I wanted to shout “VICTORY!” and do a little jig.  Persistence is key!

I hope you have one of these fist-raising moments soon!