My Obsession

I have always been into those criminal shows.  Things like Criminal Minds, First 48, NCIS, NUMB3RS, etc.

Right now my obsession is Criminal Minds.  Such a great show!  The only thing is that I can’t really watch it when I’m home alone.  Otherwise I spend the day looking behind my back the whole time and running wherever I’m going.

Although I’m watching the premiere of the new season right now and I am so weirded out to see Jennifer Love Hewitt from Ghost Whisperer on the show.  I’m so used to her being the ghost whisperer (one of my other shows I used to be obsessed with).

I have to say I really wish I was as smart as Spencer Reid.  My boy friend on the other hand thinks he “doesn’t have that much fun” so he wishes he was as smart as Derek Morgan.  I think it’s fun to be smart!  But hey I’m a nerd so that explains a lot 😉

Not only is Spencer extremely smart, but c’mon, look at that hair!